Chemisette Measuring and Size Chart

Our customers who use our size chart find that following the measurement instructions, using our recommended size based on that measurement, and using our tips results in a great fit and functioning as promised. We are always glad to exchange for a different size. However, getting it right the first time will save you the expense and hassle of sending them back to us. Click on the image to the right to view the size/measuring chart. Scroll down for step by step instructions with images.

Size and Fit Guide

To determine your chemisette size, measure the distance between your bra straps, from one outer edge to the other outer edge (photo 1).

If you find your measurement falls right on the line of two sizes, go with the larger size. The fabric edges of the chemisette should lie somewhere inside the bra straps (photo 2). If it goes on top or outside of the bra straps it may not stay attached.

The elastic band that loops around the button stretches to allow the chemisette to fit various sizes. The loops can be double-wrapped around the bra strap as needed to provide the right amount of tension. Double-wrapping the loops around the buttons provides extra assurance that they will not slip off while wearing.

The three photos below help to demonstrate the difference between a size that is too small, the correct size, and a size too large.

1) Too small – It pulls the bra straps in too much (A) or the elastic will not stretch far enough. 2) Correct size – It lays flat and smooth while barely altering how the bra straps lay. (B) 3) Too large – It may not lay flat (C) or the loops may come off of the buttons.




Chemi-Extender Size Chart


Chemi-Cuff Size Chart