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    Do you have jeans that you love, except when you bend over? Do you have shirts that you love except they are a bit too short as you move around?   Our shirt extenders are an ideal way to wear the things you love and stay covered. Stretch, reach, lean and bend – chemi-extenders will keep you covered in comfort while also helping to smooth the back, stomach and hips. 

    How do you make sure you have what you need when you don’t want to carry your handbag? Maybe you have pockets and stick some cash, a credit card, cell phone, and handkerchief in there. Oops! No pockets today. Then you might stick them into your bra. 
    Our travel pockets were created as an alternative solution for women who like to tuck things into their bra. The top edge of the pocket stays against your skin when you bend over, but the bottom falls away from your skin. This keeps things from falling out without the need for a clasp or closure for you to fumble with. 

    Are you a teacher, caregiver or businesswoman who is afraid to lean to far or bend over because you don’t want students, patients, or colleagues looking down your blouse or top? Do you have a scar, tattoo or skin condition that is a bit too high for tank tops and camisoles to cover? 
    Our patented chemisettes / modesty panels are an ideal solution to all of these issues, without limiting your shopping selections. You choose how high or low you wear it. The tension created by the elastic loops keep it in place. when you bend over, the top edge of the chemisette stays by your skin while the bottom edge falls away. This keeps you covered all the way to your waist. 

The modesty panel was just what I needed for my low-cut neckline mother of the bride dress. I had no idea where to find something like this and I used Google. So glad I found his place. My dress is navy and I ordered the navy panel. The color is just slightly different to my dress, but since the panel is lace, I think the slight difference will not be too noticeable. Great product and well made.

Belinda C.
Jonesboro, AR

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Made in the United States and Sold Around the World! Our chemisettes are hand-made by skilled seamstresses using high quality materials and quality methods of construction.

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Chemisettes by Anne were chosen for inclusion in the 40th Annual Official Daytime Emmy Awards Gift Bag, given to all guests in attendance.

Our patented chemisettes were designed to provide functionality and features not found with similar products from other companies. The five sizes and elastic loop and button attachments allow women to get a great, individually customized fit.  See our Measuring and Size Page for more info…