Fabrics and Swatches

Peach Skin

Customers fall in love with the light, silky, soft feel of peach skin fabric and how easy it is to care for. It blends well with most other fabrics, making it ideal for both dressy or casual looks. We have more than a dozen active colors in peach skin fabric. We have options with no lace, small lace, wide lace, and full lace. There are also multiple sets available for savings on purchase price over single pieces.
Care:   Peach skin is machine washable on the gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low.   Lightly iron on low setting as needed.

Peach skin is a smooth finish applied to finely woven Micro Fiber fabric. This finish allows garments to flow with your movements and drape beautifully. Peach Skin fabric apparel is ideal for any season and weather due to its light weight and texture. Peach skin is not too heavy nor too hot, which makes it perfect for any season. The feel of this luxurious fabric is soft, smooth and moderately wrinkle-resistant. Wrinkles fall out by simply hanging the ensemble.

Women Suits

…once you wear a Peach Skin product, you will never want to take it off.

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For customers who like to keep it all natural, we offer a selection of styles in 100% cotton. We use lightweight kona broadcloth. The high thread count gives it a nice feel and excellent wear. It is a manufacturers’ first choice when making high quality blouses. We have ten color choices with no lace and three color choices with a cotton lace trim. There are also multiple sets available for savings on purchase price over single pieces.

Care:  Machine wash on gentle and tumble dry. Iron on medium to high setting as needed. Avoid use of bleach.


For formal occasions, holidays or just to add a little bling to a wardrobe, we offer 1/8 inch confetti-dot sequin styles in black, gold, and silver. To assure that they are opaque, that they are soft against your skin, and to give the chemisette the necessary structure for function and long wear, we line them with peach skin fabric.

Care: :  Hand wash. Lay flat to dry. Iron from BACK ONLY, as needed, on low setting.
All of our chemisettes are made of high-quality fabrics and lined for the best possible wear, look, and function. For most of our styles we use one of three fabrics: peach skin, satin, and cotton. If you aren’t sure which is best for you, you can order up to 6  swatches at no charge so you can check the fabric or the color before you buy.

Other Fabrics

Since starting our company we have tried a number of different fabrics to create a collection that will offer a variety of looks, use both natural and synthetic fabrics, and work well with our design.

Styles on our clearance page have been discontinued for a number of reasons: we had difficulty finding the fabric, we had too much trouble creating a quality product with that type of fabric, or because they simply weren’t popular sellers. Still, if you haven’t tried one of our chemisettes yet, this is a low-cost way to do just that. Customers have requested that we create a set made of knit or t-shirt type fabric. Unfortunately, this type of fabric doesn’t provide the necessary structure for a quality, functional chemisette.

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