The origin of Chemisettes by Anne [pronounced shem-uh-zet']
The Edwardian Chemisette
The chemisette was a popular ladies lingerie item from the mid 19th century through the early 20th century. It was a
type of false blouse, designed to cover the neck and breasts. It gave the appearance of wearing a blouse under an
outer garment. They were often boned, causing them to be uncomfortable to wear.

Photos of Edwardian chemisette courtesy of
cleavage cover
The Turtleneck Dickie (or dickey or dicky)
The dickie is very similar to the chemisette. The original was introduced in the latter part of the 1900's. It was another
type of false shirt, originally designed for men. The popularity of the dickie continues to come and go. The turtleneck
dickie, probably the most popular, remains a uniform staple in industries where employees need to be outdoors.  It helps
to keep the neck and chest warm without wearing a scarf, and is easy to remove if the weather warms up. Many others
still wear various forms of dickeys as a fashion accessory.
The Lace Dickey
Lace dickies were introduced into the market around 1990. They were one size fits all and attached to bra straps with
plastic garter clips. The plastic clips didn't work with thick or wide bra straps and if worn for more than a few hours
made a woman's skin red and sore. They didn't stay on the market very long, but have recently re-emerged with a few
slight variations, making it more similar to the modern day Chemisette by Anne.
Chemisettes by Anne
Chemisettes by Anne offers a modesty panel that is a contemporary version of the original chemisette, and a uniquely
feminine version of the dickey. Chemisettes are designed to provide style and function with comfort and ease.

These faux camisoles are great to wear under any type of clothing, in any season.

This little cleavage cover is so lightweight and comfortable that you may forget you have it on.
Created by skilled U.S. seamstresses
using high quality materials.
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Chemisettes - The modesty panels and cleavage covers that provide
Style and Function with Comfort and Ease!
Cleavage covers and modesty panels that provide
Style and Function with Comfort and Ease!
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